Looking for independent advice on how to enrich your collection

Whether you’re an investor or collector, Roger Hose puts his extensive knowledge gathered from more than 40 years’ experience in the world of international antiques and art at your complete disposal.


When you engage Roger as your consultant, you’ll benefit from his:

Ability to source antiques and art that fit within your price range

Sound advice on establishing and growing  corporate and individual collections


Specialist knowledge in:
Contemporary Australian art, including Indigenous art and emerging artists
16th – 20th century antiques.


Teller of stories

Roger can date works of art and furniture to within just five years. Such accuracy means he is able to clearly identify exactly what techniques were used in its creation and convey the ‘living history’ behind the works he finds for his clients. In this way, Roger adds yet another layer of depth and value to each piece he sources, making them all the more special to the collector.


Peace of mind

Every piece Roger recommends comes with an extensive written guarantee. 


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