Furniture design, building and restoration services



The team at Roger Hose Antiques specialise in conserving beautiful furniture.

Every piece restored is a piece rescued with love, care and a lasting respect for time honoured traditions and craftsmanship.

No matter what state your furniture may currently be in, it’s still a beautiful piece at heart. Roger’s gift is in applying his exceptional restorative skills to let its special beauty and workmanship shine through once again.


He specialises in:

Restoration, repairs and refinishing

Wood carving

French polishing


Working to both high end and price conscious solutions.


Both residential and commercial clients benefit from working with Roger Hose Antiques to renew each individual piece to:

Restore its originality – bring unique or uncommon design features back into the light

Improve resale value – by healing scratches, discolouration and damage

Extend its life – pass on expertly restored items for the next generation to enjoy

Bring back value – memories, history and lasting beauty reappear

Revitalise – expert mending restores everyday functionality and purpose.


You’ll be surprised to know what’s possible.

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  • Residential and commercial
  • Design and handcrafted pieces
  • Restoration, repairs and refinishing
  • Wood carving
  • French polishing
  • Gilding
Cleaned and waxed and new green baize
William IVth Mahogany card table | Circa 1840


Antique Wax Restorer
Antique Wax Restorer

Reverse the signs of sun damage


No doubt the Queensland summer has left its mark on your outdoor furniture. Sun, rain and even entertaining slowly wear down even the most beautiful setting. It’s clearly destined for the scrap heap. Or is it?

Fear not, help is at hand. Outdoor furniture restoration is one of our specialities.

By investing a little love on your outdoor setting now, you can restore it and enjoy its beauty for years to come. We take each piece, strengthen any unstable joints and methodically sand and remove the old finish before replacing it with five layers of Feast Watson tung oil. The results are amazing.

Cost effective

Refurbishing is more economical than you think. Costs start at just $800 for a generous, six-seater table. Alternatively, you can buy new and find yourself paying more than double the price for a mass-produced, often inferior Asian import. It’s not hard to work out which option makes more sense.And there’s an added bonus. By recycling your existing garden furniture, you’re doing your bit for the environment, too.

Feel free to send us a picture of your outdoor setting and we’ll be happy to get back to you with a tailored quote.